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The ACCA projects in the Philippines are being implemented by five different people’s organizations, all of which are trying in different ways to break through this impasse and make some real change on the ground for the poor communities they live in. There are already strong links between the 14 cities where the Homeless People’s Federation is working, and a lively program of people-to-people exchange learning between these cities, which often include their local government officials. The ACCA process is trying as much as possible to create a new space for these other groups to meet each other, to visit each other’s projects, to learn from each other’s experiences and to begin to build a common direction and a greater common force for change.

HPFP : A national federation of poor communities (the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines), now active in 33 cities, using community-managed savings as the core strategy of a community-led development process involving land acquisition, community upgrading and house construction, disaster management and partnership with local governments.

KABALIKAT : A people’s organization in the sprawling 8,700-household Baseco slum in Manila, which has been proclaimed as a social housing project site. Kabalikat is being supported by the NGO Urban Poor Associates.

QUEZON CITY UP-ALL : A new coalition of urban poor communities, people’s federations and grassroots networks in Quezon City’s slum-rich District 2, which is being supported by FDUP.

UP-ALLMINDANAO: Anothernewcoalitionofurbanpoorcommunitiesandpeople’sorganizationsisjustgetting started in two towns in the war-torn province of Mindanao - Iligan and Kauswagan - with support from the NGO SMMI.

DAMPA: A federation of people’s organizations in Metro Manila, Bulacanand Cavite which works on issues of secure land tenure and health, is now helping strengthen the community process in Navotas, with support from TAO-Pilipinas.


Philippines Update December 2014 

All the latest ACCA stat.s from the Philippines
6 groups use ACCA in different ways to tackle the same problems
Homeless People’s Federation in 15 cities and 6 disaster hit areas.
ACCA supported DISASTER projects in 5 regions
OUT with projects and IN with CITYWIDE
Citywide mapping in Valenzuela
TAMPEH: a national technical support system for people-driven housing, upgrading and mapping

on the above topics 4 page extract from ACCA 5 Year Report

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Country Library - PHILIPPINES
Oct 2014
An important initiative to promote and institutionalize a more citywide, more   community-driven and more localized approach to solving serious urban poor   housing problems is happening in the Philippines. The government’s Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), with assistance from the World Bank, the Homeless People’s Federation, the NGO FDUP and ACHR, has been working to broaden its program of housing  finance mechanisms for the poor, so they work better, faster, more locally and in more comprehensive, citywide ways. 
1 Page extract from E-News
Sept 2011   Extract From the 2nd Year ACCA Report: ACCA and the Philippines
Five groups are using the ACCA tools in five different ways to tackle the same problems. 
The Philippines Homeless People’s Federation is implementing ACCA projects in 11 cities so far.

 2 pages text and photos 318 KBS

Philippines ACCA Update At the end of February, a team from ACHR made a three-day visit to the Philippines, to sign the contract for the first loan from the new ACCA regional revolving loan fund, to the LTHAI community in Mandaue. The team took advantage of being in the Philippines to visit several other ACCA projects in Manila and Cebu, to catch up with the work of some old friends, and to explore some new possible collaborations. Besides Somsook and Tom, the team included two Thai community leaders: Ms. Thongsuk Phumsanguan "Waad" from Chum Phae and Ms. Phadcha Phunprapha "Pui" from Ratchaburi. These are Thomas Kerr's notes from the visit.


December 2009 ACCA Year 1 Report Extract on the Philippines
Extensive coverage on ACCA projects  in 12 cities    

11 pages photos and text. 1.5 MGbs


NOTES ON A VISIT TO ILOILO CITY, MARCH 31 - APRIL 2, 2009 The city is an important case-study for the kind of city-wide processes the ACCA Program is trying to promote. The following report gives a brief picture of the work going on in Iloilo, and has been drawn from the "Dagyaw" Newsletter prepared by the Iloilo City Urban Poor Network and from notes taken by Tom Kerr, who joined the trip to Iloilo. 

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SUMMARY: This paper describes the achievements of the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines (HPFP), a network of community-based savings groups that works towards securing land tenure, upgrading settlements and improving the economic status of its members. The groups use savings not only as a strategy for financing their investments but also as a social mechanism to mobilize communities, promote learning and the development of support systems, and open up the potential for new kinds of partnership with local government. By 2003, this community-driven initiative had 39,000 members nationwide, in groups that, increasingly, have been able to engage proactively with government to address their land and shelter needs.  SANDRA YU AND ANNA MARIE KARAOS  IIED Journnal

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