Collective Housing in Asia
Community-driven and Collective Housing
by groups linked to the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)

Community-driven and collective housing has been at the core of ACHR's work for thirty years. In that time, groups around the Asia region have designed and built hundreds of housing projects which provide secure, decent housing to tens of thousands of urban poor families. Those projects add up to a great big, region-wide how-to manual on collective and community-driven housing, in all its variations. Each and every one of those projects has something to show, something to teach.

This database has been set up to allow groups around Asia to map and upload these collective and community-driven housing projects and share them with the world. This is one way to raise the visibility of this vital housing movement and to use these blue-ribbon projects as our greatest weapon in the battle against the individualized and market-driven housing models are making housing ever less accessible, less affordable and less human.

The database has been designed and constructed by members of the Community Architects Network (CAN), with support from the ACHR secretariat in Bangkok. If you have any questions about how to use the database, or any ideas for how to improve or expand it, please send them to us at: