After a long process of study and consultation and exploration of possible models, our friends in the historic city of Georgetown, in Penang, are finally coming close to setting up their Community Development Fund, which will hopefully become a tool for supporting Georgetown’s more vulnerable residents - especially renters - who are in danger of being thrown out of their city, as it’s historic shop-houses are gentrified and turned into boutiques and galleries. A two-day workshop on “Affordable housing through CDF” was organized by ThinkCity, Georgetown World Heritage, ACHR and CAN, November 23-24. Teams from Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand (all of whom have experiences with both CDFs and people-driven historic preservation) joined some 40 local participants who are tenants, local activists, preservationists and friends from Think City, who will be providing seed capital to set up the fund.
Malaysia's George Town: What price World Heritage?

Reporter CK Tan speaks with the head of Penang Heritage Trust about the blessings and burdens Unesco World Heritage status has brought to this former colonial city.



Malaysia Update December 2014 2 page extract from ACCA 5 Year Report

All the latest ACCA stat.s from Malaysia
Keeping the PEOPLE in George Town’s historic city centre
Using the power of coalitions to help RENTERS in George Town
Starting with five communities
The “SOCIAL WEALTH” that still exists in George Town.

2 page extracton the above topics  from ACCA 5 Year Report

Heritage Workshop in George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia Sept 19-21, 2011
Heritage by, with and for people
Tom Kerr's  notes from the meeting : 

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Think City -Penang, Malaysia


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