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The ACCA process in Korea strikes a special chord for ACHR, since it was in Korea that ACHR was born, twenty years ago. When the huge evictions were taking place in Seoul back then, in preparation for the Olympics, the crisis galvanised Korea’s housing rights movement, drew support from sympathetic activists and professionals around Asia and led to the birth of the ACHR coalition. The struggle against those evictions brought about some positive changes for the poorest urban Koreans - particularly the right of poor tenants in neighbourhoods undergoing “redevelopment” to be re-housed in subsidised public rental housing in the same area. Twenty years later and after Korea’s rise to the ranks of Asia’s most powerful economies, we all expected that things in Seoul would have settled down. In fact, the process of “redevelopment” in Seoul is not only still going on, but it’s speeding up. In 2011 some 50 neighbourhoods were in the process of being bulldozed, to be replaced by gleaming and high-priced condo blocks and 8-lane boulevards. With a new Mayor, South Koreans and ACHR are hoping for a new approach in partnership with the Seoul city's urban poor and in other cities around the country.

2014:     In Phase 2 of the ACCA program an additional 1 large project and 20 smaller projects have been approved in 4 cities and towns .
South Korea Update December 2014 

All the latest ACCA stat.s from South Korea
Searching for alternatives to eviction in the name of “development”.
Community planning with Vinyl House dwellers
Making New space for communities
New option: housing developed by COOPERATIVES

on the above topics ... 2 page extract from ACCA 5 Year Report


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Country Library - SOUTH KOREA
Notes on 6 urban poor communities in Seoul
9 pages text and photos  643 KB

 The "Inclusive Cities Workshop" in Seoul.  (One page Extract from E-News Oct 2012)
It happened on August 10 2012, as a collaboration between ACHR, Citynet, Asian Bridge, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the network of "vinyl house" communities in Seoul.  


December 2011 Extract on South Korea from ACCA 2nd Year Report
Searching for alternatives to policies causing eviction in the name of Ā““redevelopmentĀ”” . . .   CITYNET Secratariate is moving to Seoul
1 Page  photos & text  162 KB

After 20 years ACHR visited South Korea to see that the housing situation for the urban poor is no better . The 18 page newsletter-style report presents a colourful, detailed account of the discussions which took place during the 4-day visit with vinyl house communities, with unions of public rental housing tenants, with neighbourhood associations in areas undergoing redevelopment and with housing rights activists and NGOs. PDF report from the ACHR team

18 page  text and photos 2.2 mgbs