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The ACCA process in Sri Lanka has so far begun in three small cities, and is being implemented by a working team comprising Women’s Bank (now called “Women’s Co-Op” which organizes the settlements and starts savings), the Colombo-based NGO Sevanatha (which provides technical support for the surveying and housing process) and the Clap- net Fund (Community Livelihood Action Program Network, a revolving loan fund for housing and livelihood that was established after the tsunami, with seed capital from ACHR and collaboration with WB and other savings groups). Since the 2004 tsunami, these three organizations have been working very closely together to support community driven housing, livelihood and upgrading projects in areas all over Sri Lanka - first focusing on tsunami-affected areas, but now expanding to inland cities and areas affected by the long civil war that just ended. In the three cities so far, the team is working with the local municipal councils, as well as several national government agencies and land-owning bodies.
In the cities where they work together, the Women’s Bank, Sevanatha and Clap-net have now established a clear methodology, and the focus from the very beginning is city-wide. They begin by introducing the ACCA program to the key local stakeholders and local and national government organizations. WB initiates savings in as many settlements as possible right away, and a joint process to survey and map all the communities begins with the community members. When a city- wide slum profile is prepared, the communities and supporters present it to the mayor and council members. This information is used to help jointly select some pilot communities for small upgrading and big housing projects to be supported by ACCA and Clap-net, and Sevanatha and WB then conduct “Action Planning Workshops” individually in those selected communities to plan the projects.

The Women's Co-operative - (formerly The Women's Bank) of Sri Lanka has just celebrated its 25 anniversary. 81,000 members in 7,000 savings groups and 258 Branches in all 24 districts of Sri Lanka. Total savings has reached nearly 4 million US$ most of which is revolving through loans to members. See brief coverage of the event HERE

Sri Lanka Community Finance -  July 2017

A 5 page extract  from ACHR  Research on Community Finance 

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Sri Lanka Update December 2014 2 page extract from ACCA 5 Year Report

All the latest ACCA stat.s from Sri Lanka
Offering some new tools to a national women’s savings movement
New kinds of city collaborations

2 page extract on the above topics from ACCA 5 Year Report

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Sri Lanka - 7 Cities - Citywide Upgrading . ACCA Assessment Booklet . Read about projects in 7 cities. Strategiesand Partnerships: The Women's Coop and SEVANTHA and engagement with municipalies. Comprehensive coverage. Recommended.
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Dec 2010   Extract on Sri Lanka from ACCA 2nd Year Report
ACCA adds new tools to an already strong national womenÂ’’s savings movement.  New kinds of city-wide collaborations

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There is extensive coverage of Sri Lanka's efforts in recovering from the Asian Tsunami in the Newsletters section of the Downloads Library



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1. Encorage to Smile        17:38 Mins.  A film by the Cultural &    Media Unit of Sri Lanka Women’s Cooperative Ltd     (Saving & Development)

2. Community Construction  7:42 Mins.  A film by Yasantha Pradeep  (Community Project)

3. Soil Bricks   10:10 Mins.  A film by K A Jayarathne   (Community Project)

4. Construction of Road & Drainage      6:21 Mins.  A film by Fenoz Fazmil     (Community Project)

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