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Indonesia Introduction  
ACHR and Indonesia

Prof. Johan Silas was one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of ACHR which began in 1988.   He and his team inspired the rest of Asia with the Kampong Improvement Program (KIP) - with its on-site upgrading and walk-up flats giving coalition partners confidence that poor people had an alternative to REMOVAL. . Prof Silas also inspired ACHR’s first Young Professionals Program, as he engaged his students at his academic institution to be activity involved in urban poor survey and slum improvement activities in Indonesia.

Wardah Hafidz
is a regular attendee at ACHR ”elders meetings” and contributes her experience with the UPC- Urban Poor Consortium as well as engaging the Uplink network of urban poor groups throughout Indonesia. Wardah was also one of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Indonesia, and helped in bringing an end to dictatorial government rule.


And many more activists, architects and grass roots leaders working all around Indoesia : Jogja, Surabaya, Jakarta in a network of 14 cities.



The ACCA projects in Indonesia are being implemented by the national Uplink Network, with support from the Jakarta-based NGO Urban Poor Consortium. UPC was set up in 1997, in the tumult of Indonesia’s economic crisis and reform movement, when decades of rigid state control were ending and new spaces for civil society were beginning to open up. The UPC quickly became one of the most important support systems for the growing urban poor community movement in Indonesia, first in Jakarta and gradually in other cities as UPC began reaching out to groups elsewhere, through a growing network of community groups, NGOs, artists and professionals - all working to build a large-scale people’s movement.

In 2002, as part of the second “Asian People’s Dialogue” meeting that was organized in Indonesia, this national network of poor community groups, activists, artists, professionals and NGOs in 14 Indonesian cities was formalised, and they decided to call themselves Uplink (Urban Poor Linkage). Since then, Uplink has been working to establish strong, independent city- level and national networks of urban poor communities which can develop and promote just and pro-poor alternative social, economic and cultural systems in Indonesian cities. In each of these cities, poor community groups are linking together, saving together and fighting against evictions. But as importantly, these groups are also helping each other between the cities, sharing ideas, visiting each other’s projects, joining forces to negotiate with the government for better policies and creating a national pool of ideas and experiences about how to make the country’s cities better places for everyone to live in. Through this work, the Uplink Network has become the biggest people’s coalition in Indonesia.
In a context where communities have long been oppressed, robbed, compromised, evicted, co-opted, manipulated and turned against each other, during a long, oppressive and corrupt dictatorship, this is no easy task. Even twelve years after that regime was toppled by a populist reform movement, the country is still in a state of enormous flux, and powerful political forces are still undermining efforts to bring the poor together or to boost their participation in decisions which affect their lives.

Indonesia Update
December 2014 

ACCA in 11 Cities Plus ons volcano Plus two rivers
Updated ACCA Stast.s for Indonesia
Some Big breakthroughs for riverside kampungs in 3cities
The Big project in Pepe Keprabon,in te city of Solo

2 page extract from ACCA 5 Year Report Dec. 2014


13 Cities.      176 Savings groups;      2,853 Savings members;    $77,218 savings;    


  4 city funds    ‚Äč   TOTAL Capital in Funds  =   380,800  US$

Contributions:   from ACCA   =  120,000      from communities  =  23,000  from government =201,800   from other sources  = 36,000 


 9 Projects in 8 cities Total Budget $325,000

Following figure 2 years old: Number of households directly benefitting   735.      Number of households got secure land tenure  2877
Budget : from ACCA  245,000  from community  137,159   from government  3.941,117   from Others 10,000
Total   Budget    4,333,276

       SMALL        Approved 49 in 11 cities Total $152,000

2014:     In Phase 2 of the ACCA program an additional 7 large projects and 41 smaller projects have been approved in 11 cities and towns .
As we construct the NEW ACHR website we will add more information on each country. For now please consider the Country Library section below where PDF downloads with copious information is available.
Country Library - INDONESIA
2014 Citywide riverside replanning workshop in Yogyakarta 
Indonesia held their first national workshop to develop an alternative design and upgrading of the Winongo and Gajahwong rivers in Yogyakarta, in Java. The workshop comprised of two phases: participatory mapping of 23 riverside communities from December 2013 to February 2014, followed by a design and planning “problem-solving” workshop for six settlements in May. 

2 page extract from CAN Newsletter  857 KB  October 2014


2011 Extract on Indonesia from the 2nd Year ACCA Report

ACCA in five cities plus one volcano. Using ACCA to show a people-driven and on-site redevelopment model where eviction and relocation to top-down, contractor-built projects still the rule .  ACCA statistics

one page photos &  text  230 KB

2009 Extract on Indonesia from ACCA 1st Year Report
14 city network.  News and projects from Surabaya and Jakarta.

4 pages photos and text 505 KB

70 local participants, including community architects and community representatives, and 25 international participants from Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, and the Philippines, for three days of in-depth exchanges on their various experiences of coping with disasters, both in terms of preparing for future disasters and rebuilding after a disaster. Local communities affected by the eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010 served as case study sites for field visits.

26 pages report 785 KBs PDF


Indonesia - Extras
Local wisdom from the people of Merapi, Indonesia, as they attempt to live in harmony with disaster. From Arkom, Indonesia, 

12 Mins

Indonesia: The historical old capital of the 16th Century Mataram Empire is the site of our pilot project on conservation through enterprise. Follow us through our year-long journey to discover more about the traditional structures that are badly in need of some loving care and traditional trades that still thrive in this area.. A film by Pendopo Production. 

 5:49 Mins

May 31, 2013
Having a community center was a dream come true for the residents of Ledok Pakuncen, Yogyakarta. The women initiated to save ten cents per family per day. And after four months the project is implemented through community work.  Indonesian narration, English sub-titles.

10 Mins

Videos coming soon:

1. Rise for the Sun. Bungkutoko for A Chance    9:56 Mins , 2013. A film by Tubagus Rachmat (Community Housing) 

2. Forced Eviction of Kampung Baru       7:24 Mins , 2012.  A film by Tubagus Rachmat (Community Housing)