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Since it was set up in 1980, the Orangi Pilot Project’s low-cost sanitation program has helped over 150,000 households to build toilets and lay underground sewers and water supply systems in the sprawling slum settlement of Orangi, in Karachi. People have invested over US$ 2 million of their own money in this effort. In the OPP’s sanitation model that was pioneered in Orangi, the communities themselves build and pay for their own underground sewerage systems in their own lanes, on a self-help basis, the OPP provides technical support and the government does the work of connecting these community-built sewers to the city’s trunk sewer system. 

The OPP’s sanitation model is now being replicated in 46 Karachi slums, and in a growing number of other cities around Pakistan. But instead of expanding itself and opening offices in other cities, the OPP has replicated its infrastructure delivery model by helping groups in other cities to set up their own organizations, replicate the OPP model themselves and develop it in their own way. 

There are now many OPP partner organizations in cities around Pakistan. One small NGO which is implementing this ACCA project is the Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust (AHKMT - named after the man who founded OPP), is one of the OPP’s partner organizations. (see story in the library below)

ACCA haas supported replication of the OPP model in Rawalpindi,  as well as supporting research and disarster rehablilitation projects in Pakistan including after the recent floods and earlier earthquakes.


OPP and Friends

Urban Resource Centre Karachi

Karachi’s URC has been instrumental in proposing successful alternative city plans for transport, sewerage and drainage and facilitating knowledge on how the city functions. URC produces extensive documentation on our Krachi functions. Other activites include: Forums on urban issues; Watch groupson city planning; Youth Training, Netwoking with city actors; Eviction Watch.

If you wish to inform your city of urban poor issues, pro-poor policies, and other city issues you cannot go past URC's informative FACE Book page as a model for imformation. Wish our firends in ACHR would set up similar pages for their cities. Have a LOOK at URC's FB page.

Pakistan Update December 2014 

All the latest ACCA stat.s from Pakistan
UsingACCA a little differently, but to bring about the same ends
One room with a roof
“We are all NINJA TURTLES” of mapping”
Saving Karachi’s Goths
3 Special projects in KARACHI

4 page extract on the above topics from ACCA 5 Year Report
As we construct the NEW ACHR website we will add more information on each country. For now please consider the Country Library section below where PDF downloads with copious information is available.
Country Downloads Library - PAKISTAN
“Housing is a verb and not a noun”
Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui, chief of Sindh Katchi Abadi Authority, takes a critical look at the phenomenon of Katchi Abadi
Article from The News Pakistan - April 2014

Perween Rahman on Mapping in Karachi
"We are all Ninja Turtles of mapping"
Perween Rahman and her colleagues presentation about community maping and how they have beeen used to attain secure tenure for thousands of families in Pakistan.

     3 pages transcript

Sept 2011  From the 2nd Year ACCA Report: ACCA and Pakistan
The country which is using ACCA a little differently, but to bring about the same ends.  
“ONE ROOM WITH A ROOF” OPP-RTI’s housing project has helped provide basic shelter to 4,000 flood-affected families

Papers by Arif Hasan

1.   The Changing Sociology Of Karachi: Causes, Trends and Reprucussions    
8 pages 

2.    Residential Density Issues: The Case of Karchi     
 3 pages


Orangi Piilot Project Research and Training Institute            Urban Resource Centre, Karachi              Website of Arif Hasan

URC on Face Book      Justice for Perween on Face Book      

Extra - Pakistan - Video
A. Videos to View
A development piece that documents the unplanned Densification of Lower Income housing in Karachi; its consequences and possible Solutions. Overseen by Arif Hasan and The URC. “Vertical slums” planned / unplanned - many issues discussed here, in the context of Karachi, are relevant to many Asian cities This film was funded by the International Institute for Environment and Development UK.    

24:20 Mins , 2013.  A film by Abid Hasan & IIED UK

Documentary film from the village; Intstructional video filmed by community, on building sewerage lines by people themselves.  OPP Sanitation Program
     2:34 Mins , 2013.  A film by Community  (Community Upgrading)  

10 Mins

B. Videos coming soon: Available on ACHR DVD compilation 2013.

1. An Endless Journey  11:45 Mins , 2013.  A film by Abid Hasan   (Urban Issues)

2. We Can’t Walk           6:23 Mins , 2013.  A film by Abid Hasan   (Urban Issues)

3. We Built This : Noor Khan Goth       6:07 Mins , 2013.  A film by Abid Hasan   (ACCA)

4. We Built This : Abdul Ghan Goth      6:48 Mins , 2013.  A film by Abid Hasan    (ACCA)

     All of the above are available from ACHR on our 2013 DVD compilation.
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Sept 2010
On ACHR's First DVD Compilation: 

A film called "Why Upgrading?" by Abid Hasan
Presents an understanding as to why on site upgrading of SLUMS is the best and most efficient option for the urban poor in Asia.  30 mins.
Available on request from ACHR.

                          All of the above are available from ACHR on our 2013 DVD compilation.
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