Extras for 2015

An Invitation to participate in THE HERITAGE WORKSHOP to be held in Kathmandu

LUMANTI Support Group for Shelter, in partnership with Community Women Forum (CWF) is conducting a week long HERITAGE WORKSHOP in Kathmandu commencing from 23 March till 29 March 2015. 

The workshop aims to bring communities in different peri-urban communities in Kathmandu to think collectively about their status as old heritage towns. The workshop will also help to make space for architects, planners etc to support the community process on the ground. In addition, it will help in creating a platform for the communities to partner with the National government. It is expected that the workshop will bring all the stakeholders together to think about their future as a community, a settlement and use the process to develop plans for upgrading one of the peri-urban communities, Machhegoan and use this as a demonstration process for other settlements.

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ACHR Meeting News
January 2015:  ACHR members met in Bangkok : 12 countries around 50 people, to reflecton on previious activties and plan new ones. And look at new options for the coordiantion of the coalition. The new activites will be posted in the relevant Activity pages and summary of the outcomes of the meeting will posted later this month.
CAN UPDATES      February 2015  

New Applications Form for the Perween Rahman Fellowships:
New Application Form 

More News and Detail about the 2015 Felowships
( 2 page Word doc 2.3 mbs from CAN Feb. 2015)

More news on CAN HERE

At the recent ACHR Regional Meeting in Bangkok the particpants signed and sent messages of thanks to Tom Kerr for his docuentation work at ACHR over the past decade. The messages accompanied a sketch of Tom from a street artist in Mynamar.

Over Chinese New Year Chai was able to travel to Canada, and then to Oregon USA to present Tom with the gift.

More news on Tom's departure from AHCR in December Photos Plus


Understanding Asian Cities  - February 2015

Arif Hasan has published a number papers available for downlaod on The Understanding Asian Cities page  HERE
Value Extraction from Land and Real Estate in Karachi  21 Oct 2013

Between the people and the polis    Southasia’s mega-cities and the urban future
Arif Hasan delivered the prestigious HIMAL Annual Lecture in Dehli at the India International Centre on 25 November 2014.

The Impact of Globalisation and Regional Conflict on the Loom Units in Dibba Colony, Karachi             
By  Arif Hasan with Mansoor Raza   (Initial Draft; 07 July 2014)

Karachi: The Transport Crisis :  Arif Hasan with the  Urban Resource Centre, Karachi and Mansoor Raza

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