About the new website ...
Under construction:

Our former website began way back before 2000. Since then it has accumulated a "bucket load" of information which for some was a bit  difficult to sort through - to find what you wanted. The new site has been designed so that you should always know "where you are" ... and can quickly get to "where you want to go."
The Old Site  - Will be off-line soon


With the new technologies of iPads and phones emerging as dominant ways to use the internet, the new site has also been designed with this in mind. Hopefully less scrolling and better use of space, albeit with some design limitations to compensate.

ACHR is a most active organisation / coalition that works at scale in Asia and therefore accumulates a lot information and reports on lots of activties. These are documented copiously and useually laid out in a PDF style format. Hence you will see the website is desigend to take advantage of the faster speeds and has many downloadable documents and files.

As a guide we use the READ MORE or 

icon to direct you to documentation that downloads almost instantly i.e. those less than 1 or 2 mgbs.

For larger document downloads greater in size than 2 MGBs we shall use the term DOWNLOAD or icon 

All downloads can be read on-line or saved to read later. You will be able to re-name the file for your individual understanding and easy reference.

has almost all of our documents of signifcance - including Academic Articles, Newsletters Reports etc. They have been arrranged into categories and no doubt some will fall into more than one category, but appear only once in the main LIBRARY.  Documents related to specifc COUNTRIES also appear in the COUNTRY LIBRARY - click the country you wish to view.

Is a quick way to notify you about NEW information or activities.  Sometimes extra news and photos are also put on the ACHR NEWSBLOG on Tumblir ... almost weekly updates. The ACHR E-News will continue to be sent out by conventional E-mail.

Many are viewable under the last item under ACTIVITIES.  There is also a few in the Countries EXTRAs if they relate specifically to one country.

The search engine is powered by Google Search ...... it's not always most accurate but is the best we can do and should be helpful for quick searches.

Expect to see many more once the readable content is in place.

You can follow ACHRSec on Twitter at #ACHRSec ........ although the secretariat are not frequent twitterers, but hope to learn more.
ACHR also has a FACEBOOK page as does the Community Architects Network  CAN FB
We have a YOUTUBE station? but it is still under development.