Photos for August September
It's a special season in Asia

It's that time of year in Cambodia - thinks Sokley
It's that time of year in Cambodia .... thanks Sokley
Also summer in Northern India  - Tibetan Region
THF say Hi ...... not snowbound .....

And can continue work uninterrupted by weather and lack of supplies 


And in Northern Thailand:     Tee - CAN co-ordinator - helps out with seasonal farming demands


While in Hanoi the young architects in CAN Vietnam relax in the ubiquitous coffee shops

 August 6, 2014 Patrick a South African / SDI Treasure, passed away
See more here


Welfare Fund in Nepal:
Urban poor are usually shunned by government and do not have access to welfare which the government provides. In case of Nepal, people only get “Old Age Allowance” and “Single Women” as welfare relief from the government. This, too, is sometimes manipulated. Thus, the poor people have developed their own mechanism and support system to help each other. Some of the saving groups and the cooperatives had their own welfare fund which they were mobilizing through their own savings. Some were collecting Rs 100-200/member/month where are some are allocating funds for welfare from their daily saving. They had defined their own rules to manage these funds. But some groups were still in the process of developing welfare fund for their communities. Some of these groups already had a collective saving of NRs 70,000 as welfare fund and effectively mobilizing it. Some the rules defined by the one of the cooperatives in Dharan to manage the welfare fund are as follows (Just for an example). These are not hard/fast rules. They can be amended according to the real needs of the people.

Somsook joins the Women's Co-op 25th Anniversary celebrations with members and Lumanti from Nepal

Group photo at the beach at Gual

Travelling Cambodia style ... Late September

THF Savings group ....Time for Tea .....

Phnom Penh - the last days of September - Thanks Seng for the pic

ACHR / UPCA is working on a Poverty Line study by the urban poor (themselves) in Asia
To be published later this month

Available from the Libray