Photos for March 2014

Photo from Somsook:
As she visited Myanmar in March it became noticable that many of the mothers that
had moved into their new housing 18 months ago had new babies

Below Squatters camp Myanmar

Photo from Somsook:

Photos from Somsook
Mothers mapping

Fathers potting

Photos from Maurice

Asia’s urban poor from Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka have completed their own surveys to enable international development agencies develop deeper understanding of What is Poverty?  Bangkok 21st March 2014 …. results of the meeting … coming soon ….. from the Urban Poor Coalition Asia - UPCA. 

The Poverty Line meeting team -  from Vietnam March 20, 2014

Photo from CAN CAM

Cambodia Community Architects Network with young Community Architects from Vietnam

Below are some of Koa Danak’s photos taken during the CAN-CAM efforts to help communities in citywide mapping in towns in Cambodia during March


Photo from KhonJai Baan
Khon Jai Baan Team Chiangmai

The Khon Jai Baan Team from Chiangmai Thailand

Photos from Nad - Chawanad Luangsang  in Myanmar March 2014

One with Everything

Tree  -   Myanmar

Inlay Myanmar from Nad

Myanmar - can be a beautiful place, ....  but all too often saturated with the traumas of poverty, discrimination against minorities, forced evcitions, land grabbing and corruption.

Inlay    Myanmar

Mother in Myanmar
Photo from NAD