Photos for July 2014
In RATNANAGAR, Nepal one of the architects who received a Fellowship from the Perween Rahman fellowship program has begun preparing an upgrading plan with communities and training local builders. The outcome will help in negotiating analternative plan for secure tenure with local government.


July 2014 Community Architects Cambodia CAM plan infrastructure  improvements with communities in Battambang, Cambodia.  Below are photos taken mid July.

Amongst ACCA's 1900 small community projects in Asia, most comunitiesin SE Asia will opt for improved drainage, road and paths so that during the monsoon children can safely walk to school and others can get their products to market.

The CAN CORE team plan ideas for the next 3 years - July 1


Support for Decent Poor in Kathmandu.
16 poorest of the poor families from Kathmandu, Thecho, Thankot and Khokhana were provided support for the construction/renovation of their houses through SELAVIP Decent Poor Housing Project 2014 under ACCA (Asian Coalition for Community Action) program on July 10, 2015 Thursday in Kathmandu. The project is under implementation in initiation of LUMANTI Support Group for Shelter with support from Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) in partnership with Community Women Forum (CWF). The project is targeted to cover total of 31 poorest of the poor families from 5 cities in Nepal including 15 families from Kalaiya.

Somsook Boonyabancha -ACHR, Sheela Patel SDI and David S -IIED arrive at the DPU conference in London July 2014
Somsook also met with organisations and people in London, Manchestr, Brussells and Geneava, before returning to Thailand. Then off to Philippines for meetings with government on city-wide upgrading in various cities .... July 2014

Photo  of the cover of a booklet produced by Sandra Yu in commemoration of the 40 day anniversay of Fr Norbero Carcella's passing.
Bookletwill available for direct download HERE 
40 pages of memories, tributes and photos from the Philippines and around the world.
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