Video & Public Media
ACHR has linked coalition partners into a Video and Public Media Network to promote learning and advocacy about a people centred development strategy. Currently around 14 countries are making videos. and sharing experiences of their interactions with public media.
Mongolia part 2
We Are Family .. Community upgrading and ACCA 12 mins. English sub-titles
Mongolia Part 3 from UDRC
We are Family part 3 Savings and upgrading 12 mins. English sub-titles
Community Upgrading in Vientiane Lao PDR
Community Upgrading by people of the Nong Duan Thung community. 4 mins
Heritage: Kelangan Kotagede Indonesia
Indonesia: The historical old capital of the 16th Century Mataram Empire is the site of our pilot project on conservation through enterprise. Follow us through our year-long journey to discover more about the traditional structures that are badly in need of some loving care and traditional trades that still thrive in this area. 5:49 Mins. A film by Pendopo Production
Aijaz OPP Project , PAKISTAN
Documentary film from the village
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