Video & Public Media
ACHR has linked coalition partners into a Video and Public Media Network to promote learning and advocacy about a people centred development strategy. Currently around 14 countries are making videos. and sharing experiences of their interactions with public media.
The Way to End Slums
a video that explains the success of the ACCA program by visiting projects in Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand. Produced for ACHR by Uncommon Media UK. 21 mins
Community Mapping
This film about Community mapping process
The Community Architects Network (CAN)
The Community Architects Network (CAN) is a regional network of community architects and planners, engineers, young professional, lecturers and academic institutes in Asian countries.
Heritage Heroes - Ladakh Andre Alexander
An episode of Heritage Heroes shown on BBC. This episode features Andre Alexandre from THF. Andre died sadly in Jan 2012. THF continues with dedicated members and is a valued coalition partner in ACHR and CAN.
2010 10 mins
Women Saving Group, Myanmar
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