Video & Public Media
ACHR has linked coalition partners into a Video and Public Media Network to promote learning and advocacy about a people centred development strategy. Currently around 14 countries are making videos. and sharing experiences of their interactions with public media.
Karachi Rising ''The Unplanned Densification Of Low-Income Housing''
A development piece that documents the unplanned Densification of Lower Income housing in Karachi; its consequences and possible Solutions. Overseen by Arif Hasan and The URC. “Vertical slums” planned / unplanned - many issues discussed here, in the context of Karachi, are relevant to many Asian cities
This film was funded by the international institute for environment and development UK. 24 mins
Myanmar Women Saving Group's Song
2 mins of enthusiasm from Women of the World in Myanmar
Perween Rahman last presentation at an ACHR regional meeting in Bangkok January 2013.
Community Built Bamboo Footbridge - Short (2012)
Urban Poor Technologies exemplified in the ACCA project : 5 mins.
A longer version will be posted soon. Produced by Andrea Fitrianto 2012
Mongolia from UDRC
Introduction to Community Driven Upgrading - 9 mins English narration.
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